How Should I Clean My DSLR’s Lens

When using your camera, you didn’t allow dust or smudges in your camera. The lens of your camera is the window of your images. So if the lens gets dust your image quality must be decreased. Most of the novice photographer face some difficulties when they tried to clean their camera’s lens. I have faced the most basic question of then is Do You Have Any Suggestion How To Clean A Camera Lens?

Actually cleaning a camera lens required some special cares, though, scratch and other damage to the camera lens.This post should help  you learn how to clean a camera lens properly and safely.

However this post is about to how to clean a DSLR lens in easyest way. Following are some of the main tips how to clean yousr dslr lens:

Use a skylight filter

Before get into cleaning techniques one should need to know how keep it clean. Skylight filter is very much useful to keep you lens clean. Many photographer think that it may reduce the image quality. Actually there are many types of lens filter. If you get the the high quality filter than no need to think about image quality. You can trust me.

Microfiber Cloth

The best tool for cleaning a lens is microfiber cloth., which is very soft cloth and you can get it less than $10. Basically it specially made to clean the lens surface area. But you can use it to clean the hole body of your camera. When using the microfiber cloth, start wiping in the middle of the lens, using a circular motion as you move toward the edges of the lens. Wipe gently with the microfiber cloth.

Cleaning Fluid

If you cannot cleaning the lens perfectly through microfiber cloth then you should use fluid. Always place the fluid on the cloth rather thyen dirrectly on the lesn. An excessive amount of fulid in lens surface area may be damage the lens. Most simple smudges will come clean easily after just a few drops of liquid.


Different camera store sell differnet types of blowers.  Most of the professional advise being very careful with them on the inside of your camera (you could actually end up blowing dust into it) they can be great for cleaning the outside of your camera – including the lens. Before you use a blower make sure you fold the camera.


If you excessive dust on your camera lens than the big stuff is off a brush. There varity types of brush in camera store. But you should buy a soft brush to avoid scrtch. Similarly you may go for lens cleaning pen. 

 Silica gel

The final precatuion measure to clean a DSLR lens before we end this articel; get some silica gel sachets to toss into the base of your camera pack. This littel bag may help you to reduce the fangush in your camera lens. Please keep in mind to constantly changing these sachets as they will attract a lot of water and become futile.


Actually those tools are very loe price. so you no need to go for excessive tools. You may get it in local camera store in your area. But if you guys need some exclusive tools in very low price then  amazon.com is here. Following are few offers from popular online shop amazon.com:


Cleaning outside of the lens and camera is so much easier than cleaning inside of the body. So be careful when you changing the lens of the camera. Keep some microfiber cloth always within your camera bag And regularly keep clean your camera after photo shot.

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