10 Essential Accessories For New Camera [Beginner’s Guideline]

It was just owo felling when I got my first DSLR camera. It really feels like you enter in the new world of photography. Choose your best camera is tough but it’s not easy to choose accessories you must need with your new camera. This one actually no end list of accessories you may need to be a professional photographer. You have good camera and lens but you are not satisfied with your work.

In this guide, I will su=uggest you a compact list that will help you to improve your photography. There are several accessories out there that will greatly improve your photography. So let’s have a look at my list…

1. Camera Bages

You want to protect your camera and easily transport it between locations. So there is no other alternative to the camera bag. Choosing a good camera bag is not always an easy task. There are so many different bags out there. But you don’t know which one is best for you. Most of the time people often buy small camera bag but after few months, they need to change it.

For the very beginning of photography, you just have a DSLR and one or two lenses but after sometimes your number of accessions increase. So I recommended you to buy a big camera bag.

Photo backpacks are a great way to carry heavy camera kit over a long distance on the other hand shoulder camera bag give speedy access. Deciding which camera bag is comfortable for you is a matter of personal preference.

2. Tripod 

Tripod is essential for travel photography and long exposure photography. You never avoid the importance of tripod at the time of long exposure photography. Actually, it will help you to choose the right angle for landscape photography.

So never go for a cheap tripod. As a rule, aluminum tripods are cheaper than carbon fiber, but they are also heavier to carry.  Always make sure that the tripod you are buying can handle at least twice more weight than your DSLR and lens.  Other ways you should replace it after few months.

3. Filters

Filters are one f the most exclusive accessories that enhance your photography in nest level. What do you think? How can?

Meanwhile, graduated neutral density filters enable you to balance the exposure of a bright sky with a darker foreground, and polarising filters are used to cut down on reflections and boost saturation and contrast.

Filters come in two varieties: Round  And  Square. Round filters are easy to use but you need to buy them the correct way. Square filters are not that type of easy to use but you can use this types of the filter in any lens by using different size adopter rings.

4. Cleaning kit

Dust and dirt in front of the lens element reduce lens contrast, resulting in cloudy-looking images. Therefore you should always have some mandatory cleaning kit. A blower is useful for blowing specks and grit off your camera body.

There are plenty of cleaning kit you get in online. You can check it out right now on Amazon.

5. Extra Battery

An extra battery is much more important than an extra flashlight. Especially when you go out for traveling. If you don’t have an extra battery than you should buy it right now. Don’t forget to charge all of the battery before an outing.

6. Flash Light 

The pop-up flashlight of your camera sometimes not enough to fill the light. but you’ll get greater power and more flattering results from a flashgun. Having an external flash not only help in low light but also gives you creative control.

Nikon and Canon produce external flash which you may use with Nikon or Canon body. On the other hand that brand cost much. But yongnue gives you extremely good output. you can use it both Nikon and canon. You can get it at the very low price compared to Nikon or Canon.

7. Remote Shutter Release

You suppose to take some long exposure photos and you have tripod and filters but something you missed. Do you know which one is? Yes, this is Remote Shutter Release. Report Shutter Release allows you to trip the shutter without touching the camera.

When the camera is on a tripod it is very useful to reduce unexpected camera shake. Basically, there are two types of report. One is cable remort which is directly connected to a camera and another one is wireless remote.

7. External Hard Drive & Extra Memory Cards

You must have an external hard drive for mobility and easy storage. Cloud storage may help you but if you have an external hard drive that will help to preserve lots of photos. On the other hand, sometimes one memory is not sufficient for long traveling photography. So holding an extra memory card definitely good decision.

 9. Additional Lenses 

18-55mm is very common but effective lens for beginners. Once you learn how to take good photos you should try for different lenses. There are varieties of lenses waiting for you. For wildlife photography, you need a telephoto lens. On the other side of landscape and macro photography, you will need wide angle and macro lens.

So the choice is yours. If your budget is good enough then you can buy all those lenses at a time but if not then take time and experiment with one by one.

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10. Flash Diffuser

A flash is extremely good for fell the different types of light and shade. But you never fell that perfectly without flash diffuse. A humble piece of translucent plastic can make all the difference, softening the light and making it much more flattering. here are lots of flash diffusers available on the market, with models that are designed to push-fit onto a flashgun. Choose the best one for you.



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