8 Things to Consider Before Buying Your First DSLR Camera

Very common gear which a man can orderly use is DSLR cameras. Five years back it was a time that only professional purpose people buy a DSLR. But the actual continuity in this recent year has been changed. Many people like to buy DSLR just for hobby other also some personal reason. So it’s not a big deal whatever your purpose to buy a DSLR. But you are buying DSLR for you. So in this article, you will take a look at the various things you need to consider before buying your first DSLR cameras.


1. Establish what purpose/Subject you want to focus

You need to know your focus point. This will determine which camera, lens or light you need to buy. Canon is great for sports & fashion. Whereas Nikon is good shooting people and lush subject because of colorful image of Nikon. Both brand their own strength but you need to know why you buy DSLR.

2. Set your Budget

Actually, I always suggest an entry-level DSLR for a newbie. Cost is a great factor I know. But when you go for entry-level DSLR the cost will be minimized. Keep in mind that most entry-level DSLR has some limitation so you should over those limitations. So you mind should be set up like this way.

Remember that the quality of the lens you’ll be attaching to the camera is more of a determining factor in the quality of the photo.

3. Think long-term

Think about long a long run plan with your camera. Keep in mind that if you think long run I will be an investment for you. One can earn through very entry level DSLR by setting up a long-term plan. So think what productive activity you can do through your camera & figure out what camera & lens is compatible with your plan.

4. Research the brands you choose from

Not only Nikon and Canon brand are available cameras offer you but also Pantex, Sony, Samsung offer you enthusiastic DSLR. Know your demand and research the pons and cons of each and every brand. It may help you to learn the limitation of each brand. Never be create an emotional attachment with a brand. Research brand is not for earning but for learning. So give time to research the brand you choose from.

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5. Decide If you want to do Video, Photo or Both

Many entry-level DSLR has HD video now. Most of the photographers don’t have any interest in the video option of their camera. But I highly recommended you to utilize each and every option of your camera. Because  You can get an amazing camera and/or lenses for the same price as a DSLR with video. So why not you utilize your investment!!!

6. Larger Sensor

Really take out a look in sensor size. Which sensor provides you what quality of images you need to know. DSLR has a large photosensitive digital sensor which usually translates to better image quality.  Crop sensor, Full frame sensor or Mirrorless sensor which is right for you?

You may know which is right for you if know the difference between Full Frame VS Crop Sensor.

7. Interchangeable Lens

DSLR dominated the market nowadays. No only the big companies offer you varieties of lenses but also many third party provides you different lenses. Tamron, Sigma etc are market leading company. They provide you some enthusiastic lens which has both Nikon and Canon mount.

8. Don’t Overthink Megapixels

Think what you actually capture through your camera. If you are an episodic user of your DSLR please don’t think about high megapixels. By the way, if you have a good plan for a professional photographer then you may go for high megapixel DSLR. Higher and lower megapixels may create a big change of your budget structure.

Here is a list of top 10 entry level DSLR cameras for beginners. Have a look of this top 10 entry level DSLR for you.


Over To You

So did you get your best one of that list? The answer is whatever Yes or No but if you follow those simple recommendation you may easily find out the best one for you. Trust me!!

At the end of the day, you need a camera which assists you in the learning process and fulfills your purpose. So Choose a camera that helps you to fulfill your purpose.


Sharif Mishu

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