Step By Step Guideline : How To Start Photography Blog/ Website

whether you are a professional or amateur photographer you should know how to open your own photography website or blog. Having a personal website or blog for photography is a huge advantage. There are lots of good photographers those do not have a personal website. Create a personal website or blog is easy. WordPress is a free website creation tools.

WordPress is a flexible option to monetize your site. Here I going to show how to open a photography blog/website.

STEP 1- Choose Domain Name and Hosting

Domain name means your website/blog name. So it’s actually very important which name you want to choose. I suggest you invest more time when you choose a website name.

Many people choose their own name. A website name is given a message to the audience that what types of a website this is. So choose a name which is related to photography.

Where possible, I recommend using a .com domain for your photography website as it suggests that you’re international rather than country-specific.

Where to buy?

There are lots of hosting provider company. So you can choose any one of them. However, I recommended you Bluehost or HostBd. [For Bangladeshi photographer, I suggest choosing Hosted to buy the domain.]

Here I show on screen photos on how to buy a domain from Bluehost.

Click GET START NOW. There are three types of plan. Don’t be confused about which one you choose. I suggest choosing a basic plan. It cost only $3.95. Then next page you give your domain name which is selected by you. I already said that choosing a nice name is very much important.

So after completing your payment your first step is done.

Step 2- Install WordPress

After buying your domain from Bluehost you need to install WordPress. Why I choose WordPress there are lots of reason. I will show those reason another blog.


So installing WordPress very simple in Bluehost. Here I show some screenshot. So that you can easily install WordPress for your domain.

So login your domain and press CTRL+F and start typing WordPress install.

On the next page, click the ‘Domain’ drop down arrow if your newly chosen website name isn’t already selected, and select your website.


On the next page, you’ll see some details of your new site. I’d recommend you change the Site Name to whatever you want it to be called, and update your password to something memorable.



So it has done. Your photography blog is completely ready to easy. Now you can log in to your WordPress account from safari, google chrome, or Mozilla Firefox with your user ID and Password.

Step-3 Choose A Theme

So every WordPress has a theme. You can buy a premium theme from WordPress or choose a free theme. Basically, a theme can change the outlook of your website. it’s your decision on how to decorate your photography website.

In my opinion, choose a theme which is related to your subject of the website. So there you have it! Now you have an infinitely customizable WordPress photography blog!

Happy Blogging!

Sharif Mishu

Hi, I am Sharif Mishu from Bangladesh. I am a freelance photographer. I've been in photography since 2010. I got my first DSLR in 2013. Since then I learned many things about photography from my friends, senior, and junior. But the internet was the place that taught me the basics of photography. Here at, I'll be sharing useful photography tips.