Mirrorless VS DSLR :Which One Is better For You and Why

Taking the next step in photography usually means getting a nicer camera than the one that's in your smartphone pocket-sized camera now back in the day you are really serious this means getting a DSLR. DSLR offered you lots of option to take different types of photos. A prime lens, telephoto lens or wide angle lens you can use anyone for the different purpose.
In the past few years, mirrorless camera has started to really rival DSLR's. So let's explain what is the difference between DSLR and mirrorless camera.

What Is DSLR Camera

As all, we know elaboration of DSLR is Digital Singel Lens Reflex Camera. Basically, there is a mirror inside the camera. A mirror inside the body of the camera reflects the light coming in through the lens up to a prism, and into the viewfinder for you to preview your shot. And  When you press the shutter button, the mirror flips up, a shutter opens and the light falls onto the image sensor, which captures the final image/Photos.

What is Mirrorless camera

From its name you can easily guess that there is no mirror like DSLR. A Mechanically mirrorless camera is much simpler than DSLR. Light passes through the lens directly onto the image sensor an electronic viewfinder that replaces the image sensor which captures the main image.

Image Quality

Most of the Mirrorless camera has an electronic viewfinder which shows you the actual image that you will capture. On the other hand in DSLR there an optical viewfinder which shows you the actual image. So the image quality of the mirrorless camera is better than DSLR camera.

In low light, a mirrorless camera through the electronic viewfinder shows you the actual light but in DSLR unable to show that. So in mirrorless, the camera image is much sharp than DSLR camera in low light. But in daylight both give you the same output.

Size and weight

A mirrorless camera is smaller than a DSLR camera. In DSLR camera they need to fit mirror and prism so mechanically it not possible to reduce the size. So in this vice-versa reason, mirrorless camera is less weight than a DSLR camera.

Video Quality

DSLR can't use phase detection at the time of video recording. But few of the full frame DSLR has that option but less accurate and slower. On the other hand, mirrorless camera has phase detection so it easily catches the focusing point. So in video recording mirrorless is much better than a DSLR camera.
Both DSLR and Mirrorless camera have the capacity to take 4K video or Ultra HD, video with four times the resolution of HD footage.

Lenses and accessories

In this criteria DSLR step ahead than, mirrorless camera. Mirrorless camera is more restricted to choose the variety of lenses and accessories. Whereas DSLR has lots of choices in lenses and accessories. Nikon, Canon, Sigma, Tamron provides you a very variety of choice in DSLR lenses and accessories. On the other hand mirrorless camera just introduce their lenses. In recent future, we will get the same variety in the mirrorless camera.

Battery Life

Mirrorless camera offers you an electronic viewfinder which reduces charge early. So, in this case, DSLR has more battery life than a mirrorless camera. In case of using the mirrorless camera, you should use two battery for safety.
Today’s mirrorless and DSLR cameras both display just how far digital camera technology has come, as both carry the ability to produce outstanding image quality with stunning performance and convenience


The most important thing to choose a camera is budget. It is sad news for a mirrorless lover that you have to pay more than that of buying a DSLR. Because a mirrorless camera is the higher price than a DSLR camera. You can buy an entry-level DSLR under $700 but in case of mirrorless, your budget will cross $1000. Check the price of Sony a6000 and Canon 760D, Nikon D5300
Here is a price comparison between mirrorless and DSLR entry level camera.

Over To You

Actually to be a good photographer you just need a camera whatever its DSLR, Mirrorless or Mobile camera. But if you have enough budget to buy a DSLR or mirrorless camera than you should go for a mirrorless.

Sharif Mishu

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