10 Mobile Photography Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Want to be a photographer, but don’t have any camera or DLSR?Don’t worry. You are in the right place.

If you have a camera phone in your pocket, you can a be a photographer. Yes, I am talking about mobile/smartphone photography. There was a time when cell phone camera was not that good. But with the passage of time, quality of mobile phone camera has changed a lot.

But it’s not about the quality of the camera only, you need to learn some techniques to get the best quality picture. Here I’ll be sharing 10 Mobile Photography tips for beginners in 2017.

Before taking your next picture, read out these excellent tips.

1. Search For Light

Photography is one kind of play with lighting. Lighting is very important for mobile photography. Try to have the light behind you and above you. Sometimes you can use the light in front of you. At that time focusing is a crucial part. Try to choose the best angle to use the light. perfectly use the light which you have in shooting time. If you have a phone which has manual setting then set your shutter speed manually to play with light. Early morning or late evening is the perfect time for good light.

2.Don’t Use Flash 

Yes, you are read it right. Don’t use the mobile flash as a source of light. The problem with many phone flash is that they don’t actually well flash. So when you use flash, your picture will lose the natural color. Getting a bad flash photo can be better than getting no photo. One thing I generally do to recover insufficient light. I use another mobile flashlight. So you can use another mobile or alternative source of light but don’t use build-in mobile flash.

Following two photos first one is noisy which is taken by using flash. But in the second one, there is no noise and extra light is used effectively.

3. Smartphone Photography Apps

There are so many fantastic apps for your smartphone which can help you to overcome the limitation of your device. Both IOS and Android operating system provide you various of photography apps. Instagram, Adobe Photoshop, lightroom, camera+, photolab, etc are very much helpful to capture and edit photos.

There are some paid apps also like time camera, photo viewer, etc. So you can use any one of that to capture quality photos.

4. Find Interesting Moment

To get an interesting moment is not so easy all the time. So you should wait for or search for an interesting moment. You always concern about any interesting moment and try to capture that moment. If you want to get good feedback from your viewers, then find a good moment.

5. Use The Rule of Third

Rule of a third is the most useful rule in photography. You can easily make a good view of any subject by following this rule. This rule makes your photo more engaging and better balanced. Good composition is pleasing the eye.

The rule of thirds applied to a photo in terms of  Vivisection. Take 2 horizontal lines and 2 vertical lines and dividing your frame up into 9 equal square. Like this:

The goal of rule of third is to place your subject in the intersection point of the Vertical and Horizontal line. When you apply this rule you can find the magical pleasure in your eye.

6. Don’t Use the Zoom

Mobile zoom will give you a low-quality image. Because every smartphone provides you digital zoom, not optical zoom. Digital zoom never you good quality photos. So Never use the zoom. Get as close as possible to capture the photo. But if you try to take the photo by digital zooming then you get nothing good. So to get better or higher quality you avoid digital zooming. Get as close as possible to capture the photo.

7. Change Your Perspective

Most of the people used to take photos in standing position. But if want to make some different test in your photos then you should try in a different position. The same photo in a different position can change the test. So try to take the same photo in a different position. Hope you will get something interesting. It is easy to change your position with your mobile because it’s not so weighted as a digital camera.

8. Black & White

Black & White is a very smart trick to avoid noise and poorly exposed photos. Monochrome color can give an advantage. Not every shoot will work in Black and White. But if you perfectly use light then you will get something special.

9. Take Lots of Photos

There is no alternative to taking a lot of photos to learn photography. You never learn to drive a car in a day so how can you think that you can learn photography in a short time. Try to shot everything in front of you even there is nothing interesting. The more you research, the more you learn. To surprise your friends, you should passionate about photography.
That’s all. Now go out and start clicking what you want.


10. Keep Your Lens Clean

Undoubtedly! A dirty lens never gives you good photos. Make sure to start clicking that your smartphone lens is clean. It’s very easy to clean a mobile camera lens. Microfiber cloth is good to clean any lens. So don’t forget to clean it. Just keep your lens clean.


Over To You

To take good quality photos through mobile you should have a smartphone. Here is a very short list of smartphone that you can use for mobile photography. Check the below list:

  1. iPhone 8/8+
  2. Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+
  3. iPhone 7/7S ( Apple)
  4. Galaxy S7 Edge (Samsung)
  5. Google Pixel
  6. Oppo F1 plus
  7. LG V10
  8. Hawaii p9
  9. Xiaomi Mi5s
  10. Moto Z Play

Here is the best ten tips and tricks for beginners. Learn about photography through your smartphone because it’s easy to operate then DSLR. So keep your passion in photography and learn through your smartphone.

Sharif Mishu

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