10 Essential Photography Tips For Beginner Photographers

I always try to learn new photography tricks. To learn new skills and techniques, I spend lots of time with my camera. Some interesting tricks will help you making something different. I read lots of photography tricks and techniques in online. I would like to share few tips that I have learned. So If you are a newbie in photography then you’re in the perfect place to learn the best ten tips for photography.

Here are 10 photography tips that will gradually improve your photos.

1. It’s not all about gear

So many newbies are getting frustrated to not have an expensive gear. Believe me!!! Gear is nothing if you’re passionate about photography. A great photo has been achieved even with the cheap cameras. The following photo I took with my Nikon D3000 with 55-200mm Lens, which is the most cheapest DSLR.

2. It’s all about light

Photography is really all about light. It’s worth taking the time to understand how light really works. In daylight shoot no need to use build in flash or external flash. But in the night or low light portrait photography, you should consider external flashlight.

3. Find golden hour

Golden hour is a magical time for photography. After sunrise or before sunset is known as the golden hour. The Golden hour will give you the best interesting light. So don’t feel lazy to click in the golden hour. A Golden hour can be applied to any kind of outdoor photography. It also works well for portrait, landscape, and cityscape.


4. Take photo regularly

To develop your photography skill, you should take photo regularly. Make sure that you’re trying to photograph something every day. If you don’t do that, then make sure you regularly review what you have learned. This may help you to know your weakness.This is the excellent way to motivate yourself. After a certain period, you will find your improvement graph.


5. Choose the right mode/Setting

Every DSLR have different kinds of setting. So before choosing a subject set your camera setting. In manual mode, you can select every value manually. If you shoot fast action, then you should choose Shutter Priority mode. To make some freeze photo, you may consider your shutter speed as short as possible.In lower light, you can choose aperture priority mode, make sure much light is entering in the sensor. If you confused to set your setting then first take a picture in auto mode then set this value to manual setting. This is the easiest way to learn the right setting.


6. Learn the basic rules

A great photographer knows when to break the rule of photography. But before the break the rule you need to learn some basic rule of photography. Basic rules help you to capture a good photo. Sometimes a normal photo can give you huge view only for following rules in those photos. Here are some basic rules:

  1. Rule of third
  2. Fill the frame
  3. Follow leading line
  4. Keep Horizons Straight

7. Consider a tripod

If you have a shaky hand like mine, then you should use a tripod. An inexpensive tripod can improve the quality of your photos. Especially in night landscape, it works well. To get more noise, free image uses your camera’s timer function with a tripod.

8. Experiment with shutter speed

Hey, you don’t fell shy to play with shutter speed. There is something interesting in shutter speed. Experiment with both slow and high shutter. If your subject is moving, then you will get some interesting image in different shutter speed. When your subject is moving fast make sure that your shutter speed is fast enough.

You can try long exposure in night landscape. This the final creative use of shutter speed. In long exposure shutter open for a long time.

9. Use simple background

Simple is smart. Try to keep a simple background in portrait photography. Plain background also good choices. But keep in mind that doesn’t include any element which makes a distraction. To blur the background, you can use a prime lens. 50mm and 85mm prime lens are most useful for a portrait photo.

10. Don’t forget to post process

Post processing is not evil’s work. Most of the photographer post-process their photos so why not you. There are lots of software for post process like photoshop, Lightroom, photo lab, Picasa, etc. Performing very basic edit of your photo can help to improve the quality. Some color correction, cropping, rotation, etc. are very much useful tools to improve the quality of your photo.So don’t be afraid to post process your photos.



Making beautiful photograph depends on a beautiful mind. Think before you take a snap.Frame your photo in your mind then click the photos.The above tips help novice photographers to improve their photography. So if you are new then follow these tips and implement these simple guidelines.

Sharif Mishu

Hi, I am Sharif Mishu from Bangladesh. I am a freelance photographer. I've been in photography since 2010. I got my first DSLR in 2013. Since then I learned many things about photography from my friends, senior, and junior. But the internet was the place that taught me the basics of photography. Here at PicFact.com, I'll be sharing useful photography tips.

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