9 Travel Photography Tips To Improve Your Skill

Photography is closely related to traveling. Traveling in a different place is interesting for all. We all used to take a photo while we are traveling. But taking good photos in a different place is not so easy for all. Whether you are professional or amateur photographer we made mistake in taking photos in outside.

I’ve slowly learned the techniques of travel photography over years of reading books, watching online tutorials, and regular practice to improve my craft. You can learn this way too.

So here I suggest 9 exceptional tips that increase your photography skill.

1. Choose the right lenses

Taking good photos in traveling depends on what types of lens you have. I suggest bringing a portrait (50mm or 85mm) a wide angle lens. If anyone has a budget problem then he/She should go for 18-200 mm lens.

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2. Wake up early stay Out Late

Early morning you get something special for photography. Waking up early also means you’ll have to deal with fewer tourists and other photographers. As a photographer, you will never miss the dramatic light of early morning.

Stay out till the sunset. The hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset are nicknamed “golden hours” because of their soft, warm tones and eye-pleasing shadows. Professional photographers eagerly wait for the golden hours so why not you?

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3. Talk to people

Talk to people is most important while you taking a portrait in street. Photographing local people in a foreign country is tough for many photographers. So you need to take verbal permission from them. Some people will say No, and some will ask for money. So don't be higher. Leave them and ask others.

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4. Shoot in the right mode and right lenses

So many novices are getting nervous while they are going to take photos in outside. They forgot to set their proper camera setting. and forget to use perfect lenses for specific photos. So don't be nervous while you take photos in outside. Set your lenses and camera properly to take perfect photos.

5. Apply the basic rules of photography

As we all know some basic rules of photography. But we never used those rules properly. Rules of third most common and popular rule in photography. Apply this rule in traveling photography. Your photos quality must be improved.

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6. Set your location

Set a location according to your plan. explain what style of photography you enjoy and ask whether there are any local guides or fellow photographers in the area who would be willing to show you some of the sights away from the tourist track.

7. Use A Travel tripod

A tripod allows you to set your camera position and keep it there. With the camera fixed, you can then take your time arranging the perfect composition. A tripod also helps you take photos in the night at the slow shutter.

You’ll have greater creative control over your camera’s manual settings when using a tripod. This doesn’t mean you have to lug a tripod around with you absolutely everywhere.

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8. Think outside of the box

Follow the rules of photography is good but breaking the rules in an interesting way is something special. So don't fear to break the rules. Always think outside of the box. Photography is an art and you are the artist. Be brave to think in a different way. Don't think what people say. Work for yourself.

9. Be safe

Traveling photography is not so easy. Unknown place, Unknown people everything is challenging.

The first thing you should do after booking your trip is to take out adequate travel insurance for you and your gear and check the policy carefully to see what is covered – some adrenaline-orientated activities such as white water rafting or bungee jumping may be excluded for example.

Invest in solid luggage locks and anti-theft bags are great for traveling photographers.

 So be safe.
Sharif Mishu

Hi, I am Sharif Mishu from Bangladesh. I am a freelance photographer. I've been in photography since 2010. I got my first DSLR in 2013. Since then I learned many things about photography from my friends, senior, and junior. But the internet was the place that taught me the basics of photography. Here at PicFact.com, I'll be sharing useful photography tips.